Saturday, September 22, 2018

Safeware provides its campus store partners with the most comprehensive and beneficial Protection available today. By reselling our plans, you can rest assured that any customer that purchases a Safeware card in your store is getting excellent coverage from an experienced and dependable name.



Five different plans that can cover every technology product in your store.

           Safeware extends the original manufacturer warranty.

Our protection plans offer 2 or 4 years of coverage for mechanical and electrical breakdowns, as well as failures resulting from normal use.

So even when the manufacturer’s original protection is over, we’ve still got your customers covered.




Safeware also enhances the original manufacturer warranty by including protection from:


The service process is adapted to your campus store.


Whether your store has servicing capabilities or not, Safeware will work with you to give your customers the best experience possible.  

  • Those with a repair center can take care of the service in-store, while Safeware takes care of everything else. If you are only certified to repair certain brands, then we can customize the process to fit your needs.
  • Stores without a repair center will take advantage of Safeware’s nationwide service network.

No matter what the service process is, Safeware ensures your customers are taken care of in the event of a claim.

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