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Campus Store Partners

Safeware’s campus store program has provided universities across the nation with the best available technology protection for their students and faculty. With this easy and effective protection plan, stores can improve customer loyalty while substantially increasing their bottom-line profit.

We offer a comprehensive card program that covers almost every technology product available in your campus store. The program is simple to implement, and the Safeware team will be there to support you during the entire process. Back to top.



Computer Retailers & Manufacturers

Safeware got its start protecting consumer electronics back in 1982. Using that experience today, we partner with hundreds of computer retailers and manufacturers to consistently offer peace of mind to their customers.

Laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Whatever types of consumer electronics you sell or manufacture, Safeware can provide the coverage that your customers deserve. Safeware also customizes plans for different brands, makes, or models. This flexibility allows you to tailor your protection plan offering to the specific needs of both your customers and business. Back to top.



Fitness Equipment Dealers

Safeware has a wide variety of fitness resellers that specialize in different types of equipment. Whether a Safeware partner sells to residential customers, commercial clients, or dues-paying facilities, our ability to adapt to their needs has led to many long and successful partnerships.

If you sell new or refurbished equipment, such as treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, or home gyms, we have coverage options that will benefit you and your customers.  Our protection plans can include parts, labor, or a combination of both. We also offer different term lengths, ensuring your customers are covered after the manufacturer warranty expires. Back to top.



Furniture & Appliance Retailers

Furniture and appliance retailers make up a large part of Safeware’s reselling partners. That’s because we are dedicated to making our protection plan program for these types of consumer products the very best available.

Safeware makes it simple for you to resell our protection plans, and even simpler for your customers to get service when they need it. By offering Safeware protection, your customers save time and money on their investment, while your store enjoys many benefits as well. Back to top.


Lawn & Garden

From lawnmowers and powertools, to grills and firepits, Safeware provides top of the line protection plans for the lawn and garden items available in stores.

Outdoor equipment is meant to be used, not sit around getting dusty. So offer your customers the best available protection from unexpected malfunctions, break downs, and surges. They’ll have the peace of mind they need to truly enjoy their new lawn and garden product. Back to top.


Consumer Electronics

Safeware provides innovative, extensive coverage on consumer televisions and home theater systems. These are major investments that require expensive repairs, and our resellers all agree that their customers should be covered with a Safeware protection plan.  

Like our other reselling options, Safeware’s plans are customized to the needs of your customers and your business. The reliable service and substantial savings we provide your customers will leave them feeling extremely satisfied (and happy they bought from you!)
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Pools & Spas

Safeware knows that customers purchasing a pool or spa expect great coverage for their investment. We created protection plans for these luxurious items so that Safeware resellers can give their customers the peace of mind they demand.

There are different plan terms and options to coincide with the original manufacturer warranties of the various brands of pools and spas. Offering Safeware creates endless benefits for both your customers and your business.
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