Protection Solutions Designed for the K-12 Environment. Check out our options for every budget and planning scenario!

Safeware partners with over 1,500 public and private K-12 schools.

With more than 36 years of experience protecting technology in education, you can rest assured you have the right partner in Safeware.

Did you know that K-12 is the most high-risk environment for technology? Of course you did! You work with kids day in and day out, so you understand what sticky fingers, textbooks in backpacks, and bus rides can do to expensive laptops, chromebooks, iPads, and tablets.

Safeware partners with over 1,500 public and private K-12 schools to protect their technology in a variety of ways! The most popular? One-to-one programs! When students are given a device to use for classroom activities or school work, Safeware has options to cover those devices in the event of failure, breakdown, accidental damage, and even theft.

Schools have 2 options to protect their tech – purchasing coverage at the school level, or allowing parents to opt-in and pay for coverage for their students’ individual devices. It’s quick, easy, and provides options for every different budget and planning scenario!>


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