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Protect the place you call home with
Dorm Defense™ Provided by Safeware
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Plan Ahead & Protect with
Dorm Defense™ Provided by Safeware

Protection solutions Designed for dorm life! Plan ahead and expect the unexpected.


Safeware partners with over 800 colleges and universities nationwide.

With almost 40 years of experience providing protection solutions for students and institutions, you can rest assured you have the right partner in Safeware.


Features & Benefits

Liability Coverages

Features $100,000 per incident liability coverage in the event of bodily injury or property damage.

Licensed Professionals

Safeware employs licensed agents to ensure all regulatory and compliance requirements are met with every opportunity.

Personal Property Coverage

Protection for your property in the event of Theft (Burglary & Robbery), Vandalism, Smoke, Fire, Lightning, and more.

A-Rated Insurer's

We only partner with A-Rated carriers to ensure every program is financially sustainable and protected for the long term.

Commercial Finance Options

With commercial financing and lease options, we will structure a program to meet your unique needs.

Fully licensed Agency

As a licensed insurance agency, we're licensed and compliant in all 50 states.


Interested in Dorm Defense™?

Renters Insurance provides parents and students with a cost-effective solution for property and liability coverage. This coverage also transfers the risk and costs incurred by students within University-owned housing. 


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Other Services

Warranty & Insurance Solutions

Protection against Failure, Accidental Damage, Theft (Burglary & Robbery), and Standard perils; Fire, Flood & Vandalism.

Cyber Security Insurance

From ransomware to data theft, it's more important than ever to ensure you're protected.

Asset Management

Safeware partners with the leading Asset Management companies in the nation. This includes seamless MDM management.

Dedicated Customer Service

Have a question or concern? Need to make changes to your program? No problem. With Safeware, you'll have dedicated support to ensure your program is a success.

24/7/365 Tech Support

In the new remote landscape, having a quality tech support partner can reduce your workload and increase up-time.

Device Buyback

Turn your old devices into cash or credit. Retired devices can be sold allowing money to be added back into your budget. 


*See policy/certificate for complete details, including imitations, exclusions and underwriter information. To request a sample copy of the policy/certificate specific to your state, call 1-866-602-4435.