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Stephanie Wise
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6 Tips for Conserving Battery Life

Let’s face it, we are on our phones constantly. But what if you don’t have a charger available and you need your battery to last? Below are six tips and tricks to conserving your battery life when you need it most.

1. Keep it at a consistent temperature

Phones should be kept out of direct sunlight for long periods of time. This is especially crucial in hot summer months.

2. Reduce your brightness

This is an easy way to save your battery while still having full function of your device.

3. Use Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is 40% less battery consuming than 4G. Turning off your cellular data and being dependent on Wi-Fi, if you can, is a big battery saving function.

4. Limit video content

Watching videos is one of the most power consuming activities you can do on your phone.

5. Use battery saving modes

Most mobile devices today will come with a mode to preserve your battery. This function finds way to conserve battery on its own without you having to take additional steps.

6. Extend charging times

Charging a device too fast reduces the battery capacity for a charge cycle by over 20%. If you can, charge your battery fully for longer periods of time rather than short, fast charges.

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