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Mike Cole
Mike Cole
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Internet Lingo: Deciphering Cookies & Secure Websites

What does “not secure” really mean on google chrome? When a website is classified as non-HTTPS it becomes categorized as “not secure.” This means that if you enter any passwords or important financial data, your personal information could be at risk. However, secure websites with the HTTPS encryption provide valuable ...

Virtual vs. Augmented vs. Mixed Reality

There are three types of warped reality: virtual, augmented, and mixed. While they are all similar, they have distinct differences that give people unique experiences. Virtual Reality This immerses users in a fully digital world that is generated by a computer and is seen through a headset. There is nothing about ...

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At Safeware, we venture into a lot of different areas, from technology and fitness equipment to furniture and appliances. We are excited to offer a blog as comprehensive as our coverage by discussing all things consumer product related. Keep an eye out for posts that take a look at a ...