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Stephanie Wise
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A Day in the Life of Your Laptop

Read on to learn more about what can happen to your laptop in a day - and how Safeware can help!

11:30pm, Saturday - A laptop is resting on top of a set of booming speakers during a post-game party when it gets bumped by a house guest, falls to the ground and results in a cracked screen. The party continues and, eventually, the computer owner goes to sleep, planning to work on class assignments in the morning.

9:00am, Sunday - The laptop owner wakes up, heads to the living room to pick up the laptop that was used for last night's event (this time to start on the homework he has due tomorrow), and realizes that the screen is cracked in multiple places and school work is going to be nearly impossible on this device. The student immediately walks to the campus computer store for help from the people who initially sold him the device.

One hour later - Knowing that the student has a protection plan for the laptop and because the student has previously registered his plan, the store manager is able to file a claim and contact a repair depot immediately to help recover the device. 

While the laptop is being examined, the student returns to his campus store to ask the manager for a status update on his device and to find out how much money the repair will cost him. The manager tells him that, since he purchased a Protection Plan from Safeware when he bought his new laptop, the repair will not cost him anything - no deductible, no shipping costs, no parts & labor fees! 

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