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A Day in the Life of Your Smartphone

It’s easy to take tech devices for granted, especially when we use them every single day. Have you thought about how much you actually rely on your smartphone? Keep reading for a day in the life of your beloved smartphone.

Good Morning

You might rely on your smartphone’s alarm clock setting to help wake up. You may even utilize that “snooze” function too. After you wake up and scroll through your phone on social media, check the weather, or play games, it’s time to get ready for the day. How do you play your morning music when you get ready? Probably  through a mobile application on your device. When it’s time for breakfast, you may want to track the calories you’re eating or maybe you see what movies are playing at your local movie theater that day.

Good Afternoon

During the afternoon is likely when you use your phone most during the day. You can use it for the GPS functionality if you go somewhere new, make calls at work, order food for lunch through a mobile application, listen to music, take a quick break to play some games, or look up information. Despite access to a computer at work, you probably don’t realize how much you are still on your smartphone. You can use it to check your security system at home, turn your car on before you get in to kick on the A/C or heat features, check your email on the go, catch up on social media, and much more.

Good Evening

In the evening is another popular time to be on your phone. You might want to look up a new recipe for dinner, watch your favorite movies or shows online, catch up on social media some more, play some more games, adopt an animal on impulse, shop, read a book, or watch some funny YouTube videos. People typically have more free time during the evening if they work a standard 8-5 job. Don't forget to set your alarm on your smartphone before you go to bed so you can start the whole process over again in the morning!

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