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Foolproof Ways to Protect Your Tech from Theft

Millions of dollars in personal items are stolen from vehicles each year. In addition to vehicles, the second most common location for technology like laptops, tablets, and smartphones to be stolen from is college dorm rooms.

Tired of worrying if someone will steal your prized possessions? Here are three ways to ensure that your assets are safe.

  • Lock your car doors at all times and make sure that your devices are not visible if someone were to pass by or look in your windows. Take devices to your room if you are able to.
  • Do not leave your technology unattended at any location (cafeteria, library, etc.).
  • Stash devices in hidden areas inside dorm rooms (such as in desk drawers or under a bed) while guests are visiting.

Sometimes, incidents just happen. If your device does get stolen, here are some steps you can take to fully document the situation and make sure all relevant information is available to the police or other investigating authorities.

  1. File a police report. Include the serial number of the device on the report (it’s helpful to write this down and keep it somewhere safe, just in case).
  2. Provide a statement of events. A statement of events is a detailed description of the incident (what happened, when, where) that needs to be signed by you and dated.
  3. Keep a copy of the proof of purchase for the device. In most cases, this is normally a receipt. If your device is stolen, it is important for police to know the value of the unit and where it was originally purchased.

Fortunately, Safeware offers theft coverage as an option for many of their Product Protection Plans. This means you can have added peace of mind and don’t have to worry about accidents or other unexpected events that may occur to your favorite devices.

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