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Stephanie Wise
Stephanie Wise
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Increase Your Workday Productivity with These Three Smartphone Tips

Let's face it, it can be  hard to set your phone down or disconnect from social media during the day. With these three simple smartphone tips, you can boost your workday productivity without even realizing it.

  1. Use the reminders or notes app on your phone. This allows you to create to-do lists that you will always have on you. If you impose a time and date deadline, the notification might be enough to get you back on track if you get wrapped up in social media catch-up.
  2. Turn off the vibration on your smartphone. When you're in the groove of working, a  text  or social media notification can be just enough to distract you and prevent you from continuing to be productive and focused. If you turn off the vibration on your phone, unnecessary notifications are less likely to distract you.
  3. Add your professional email account to your phone. Some days are so hectic with meetings or deadlines that you don’t take the time to read emails thoroughly. This can mean that you miss a question asked of you, don’t see the entire context of a message, or accidentally delete something that required action.  Having your emails on your phone allows you to take advantage of small breaks, such as while while heating up your lunch, walking to your next meeting, or waiting for attendees to join a conference call.

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