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Stephanie Wise
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Liquid Damage Puts Tech Owners in Deep Water

According to Safeware’s claims data, 17% of all technology claims filed are a result of liquid damage. When we say “liquid damage,” we mean liquid spills and submersions that impair the functionality of the device.

Have you ever spilled a beverage on your laptop? Or accidentally dropped your cell phone in the sink? Or maybe placed your tablet on a wet countertop?

Though some consumers may never think about the true cost of spilling something on a laptop or tablet, it quickly becomes a reality when the bag of rice trick doesn’t work. Liquid damage costs twice as much to repair compared to other types of damage. Laptops by nature are the most susceptible to liquid damage compared to other mobile electronics. 

Safeware data suggests that liquid spills often occur within the first year and a half of ownership. It’s important to protect your tech from accidental damages like liquid spills so unexpected repair costs can be avoided altogether.

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