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Stephanie Wise
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Smart Technology Is on the Rise

It’s no secret that technology in today’s world advances rapidly. Some of the latest technological advancements that affect everyday life are smart homes and smart appliances. But what exactly is smart technology?

Smart technology is hi-tech equipment that connects to another device, such as your smart phone or tablet. Many types of smart technology are used in appliances. Typical smart appliances are refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwashers. Alerts and updates can be sent to your device, or you can control settings from your device. They can also sense water or power failure and shut off their own power. Some appliances even know how long to cook food for! On a larger scale, smart homes can sense things such as weather, a break-in, home temperature, and more.

Smart technology can be operated from anywhere at any time, which is beneficial for homeowners. Smart appliances know when to turn themselves on and off, making them more efficient as well as eco-friendly, not to mention benefiting your utility bills! Additionally, smart technology adapts to the way you live. For example, smart technology throughout your household can sense the time of day and adjust the lights, sense the time of year and adjust the temperature, and can track your routine and know when to open your garage.

While this inventive technology can be intimidating, it is shaping the future for homeowners. This technology aims to improve the standard of living in a way never seen before.

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