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The Best Extensions For Your Web Browser

Web browser extensions allow for more robust functionalities while using the internet. Below are four extensions that can help improve your web browsing experience!


Forget the newspaper clippings, Honey makes online shopping so much easier (and cheaper)! Honey saves any codes used by previous shoppers and tests them on your shopping cart. By trying out each code, Honey guarantees the best deal on anything from clothing, devices, food orders, and even airplane tickets! The best part is it checks for coupons automatically when you check out in less than a minute. The extension allows you to search existing codes for endless brands, share codes with the Honey community, and collect Cash Bonus points for later purchases!

Google Photos

Storing photos on your device can eat up your storage, and any external hardware can be costly. Google Photos has a simple layout that makes photo storage easy. By dragging and dropping photos onto the browser, you can create unlimited albums to store your memories. Its best feature is the tool search. Looking for a picture of the kids swimming? Type in "swimming" and without any tags, Google Photos recognizes any pictures of subjects doing just that. Once uploaded, Google Assistant creates collages and animations with your photos that are as easy to share as individual photos and photo albums. This extension works on desktop and mobile devices.


Ultidash is the personal assistant made for your web browsing needs. It's an all-in-one day planner connected to your Google Calendar. Set goals, check the weather, and search and bookmark websites all just by opening a new tab. Ultidash even sets productivity timers so you can focus on your work. Site blockers and trackers allow for faster browsing and less distraction at work or school. And did we mention the beautiful landscape backdrops?


TabbyCat offers the one thing Ultidash doesn't: kittens! Open your tab to an adorable kitten you can entertain. Each kitten has a different name and personality: Magic Gobbler gives you the side eye when you pet him while Poofy Twinkie purrs at the sight of her toy flamingo. No gimmicks, just kittens, because sometimes that's all you need.


Create unlimited background noise for your intense productivity sessions. Noisli is created to improve productivity by utilizing everyday noises to help you focus. Use the combo features to layer sound effects including rainy day, coffeehouse, or a running fan. The timer features allow for dedicated focus hours, while the journaling features allow for note taking and idea making. The layout of the extension itself is polished and user friendly so all you have to do is focus!

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