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Mike Cole
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Virtual vs. Augmented vs. Mixed Reality

There are three types of warped reality: virtual, augmented, and mixed. While they are all similar, they have distinct differences that give people unique experiences.

Virtual Reality

This immerses users in a fully digital world that is generated by a computer and is seen through a headset. There is nothing about this experience that connects the real world to the virtual world. However, users are able to look all around and can hear things within the virtual experience. 

Augmented Reality 

This experience takes the real-world environment and overlays virtual objects on it. This allows users to see and interact with the real world with added digital content. A lot of augmented reality experiences are done through a smartphone, but can also be done with special headsets. An example of these headsets is Google Glass, which displays a tiny screen in front of the user’s eyes that overlays the digital content within the real world. Pokémon Go was a popular augmented reality experience that many people around the world used. 

Mixed Reality 

This is a new and upcoming concept. Mixed reality is very similar to augmented reality. The difference is that instead of overlaying the digital content in the real world, the digital content is anchored to the real world. This means that users can actually interact with the digital content that are seeing. If you own one of these warped reality headsets you will want the best protection possible in case something was to happen. 

Safeware’s plans are designed to cover any type of technology you own, and these headsets for warped reality are no exception. The devices are often not cheap and we want to help give you that extra peace of mind you deserve. Whichever reality experience is your favorite, Safeware wants to help make that reality a worry-free and fun experience.

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