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What Are Some of the Most Common Types of Technology Claims?

As technology rapidly advances, it still falls victim to various types of failures and malfunctions. Keep reading to learn about some of the most common types of technology claims that Safeware sees.

  • Mechanical Breakdown

This type of device failure means that the device fails to perform its intended function during normal use. For example, a computer screen that goes blank when the owner is typing an essay is an example of mechanical breakdown.

  • Accidental Damage from Handling

This form of malfunction’s name speaks for itself. Technology is used everyday and in multiple environments, so it only makes sense that user-error is to blame for some forms of damage. A common example of this is when a laptop gets knocked off a table and breaks.

  • Liquid Damage

Keeping beverages around technology is common (think about your desk at work or home- you probably have coffee and water in close proximity to your laptop or keyboard). Having your water bottle spill all over your laptop in your bookbag, causing the laptop to be unresponsive, would be an example of this type of damage.

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