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Mike Cole
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What Does “Accidental Damage” Even Mean?

If you see the phrase “accidental damage from handling,” it’s in reference to an extended warranty. In this context, it means that if a device is broken while being handled, the warranty covers the damage. This could be a drop, fall, cracked screen, liquid spill, liquid submersion or other accident. If this happens to you and your coverage is “accidental damage from handling,” repairs for your device are allowed to cost up to the amount you purchased the device for in the first place, and the damage is only covered if it happens during the contract period.

If you see the phrase “accidental damage” alone, that means you have an insurance policy. When you see it written that way, it means the coverage offered is the same (drops, falls, liquid spills, cracked screens, etc.), but there is virtually no limit on the number of claims that can be submitted on the device during the policy period.

If you have questions about your coverage, what types of accidental damage might be covered, or the difference between extended warranties and insurance, feel free to chat with us or call us for clarification!

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