Protection Solutions Designed for the K-12 Environment. Check out our options for every budget and planning scenario!

Safeware partners with over 1,500 public and private K-12 schools.

With more than 38 years of experience protecting technology in education, you can rest assured you have the right partner in Safeware.


Warranty & Insurance Solutions

Protection against Failure, Accidental Damage, Theft (Burglary & Robbery), and Standard perils; Fire, Flood & Vandalism.

Cyber Security Insurance

From ransomware to data theft, it's more important than ever to ensure you're protected.

Remote Case Bundle

Safeware has combined our time-tested insurance with a polycarbonate shield for the ultimate damage protection.

Asset Management

Safeware partners with the leading Asset Management companies in the nation. This includes seamless MDM management.

24/7/365 Tech Support

In the new remote landscape, having a quality tech support partner can reduce your workload and increase up-time.

Device Buyback

Turn your old devices into cash or credit. Retired devices can be sold allowing money to be added back into your budget. 


Licensed Professionals

Safeware employs licensed agents to ensure all regulatory and compliance requirements are met with every opportunity.

A-Rated Insurer's

We only partner with A-Rated carriers to ensure every program is financially sustainable and protected for the long term.

Multiple Makes and Models

Have a blended deployment? We cover all makes and models so regardless of your program, we have a solution.

Fully licensed Agency

As a licensed insurance agency, we're licensed and compliant in all 50 states.

Parent-funded Options

If budget constraints are a concern, we have options that enable parents to opt-in for coverage to protect their students device.

Dedicated Customer Service

Have a question or concern? Need to make changes to your program? No problem. With Safeware, you'll have dedicated support to ensure your program is a success.


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Have a Blended Deployment? No Problem! We Cover a Variety of Device Types.

Whether it's a laptop, chromebook, iPad, tablet, smartphone, or other, we have a program for you.