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With nearly 40 years of experience protecting technology in education, you can rest assured you have the right partner in Safeware.

Are you looking for your school's open enrollment portal?

If you are a parent or family member looking for your school's enrollment portal you will need to visit our open enrollment site by clicking here. Please make sure to have your login credentials provided by your school. If you do not have those available, please contact your school administrator for the information. 


Warranty & Insurance Solutions

Protection against Failure, Accidental Damage, Theft (Burglary & Robbery), and Standard perils; Fire, Flood & Vandalism.

Cyber Security Insurance

From ransomware to data theft, it's more important than ever to ensure you're protected.

Remote Case Bundle

Safeware has combined our time-tested insurance with a polycarbonate shield for the ultimate damage protection.

Asset Management

Safeware partners with the leading Asset Management companies in the nation. This includes seamless MDM management.

24/7/365 Tech Support

In the new remote landscape, having a quality tech support partner can reduce your workload and increase up-time.

Device Buyback

Turn your old devices into cash or credit. Retired devices can be sold allowing money to be added back into your budget. 


Licensed Professionals

Safeware employs licensed agents to ensure all regulatory and compliance requirements are met with every opportunity.

A-Rated Insurer's

We only partner with A-Rated carriers to ensure every program is financially sustainable and protected for the long term.

Multiple Makes and Models

Have a blended deployment? We cover all makes and models so regardless of your program, we have a solution.

Fully Licensed Agency

As a licensed insurance agency, we're licensed and compliant in all 50 states.

Family-Funded Options

If budget constraints are a concern, we have options that enable families to opt-in for coverage to protect their students device.

Dedicated Customer Service

Have a question or concern? Need to make changes to your program? No problem. With Safeware, you'll have dedicated support to ensure your program is a success.


Have a Blended Deployment? No Problem! We Cover a Variety of Device Types.

Whether it's a laptop, chromebook, iPad, tablet, smartphone, or other, we have a program for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

While they go by many names, each of these terms refers to the same type of added coverage for devices. While most product manufacturers offer a standard warranty, it is usually limited in what it covers and how long the coverage is offered for. Safeware protection plans expand both coverage options and length for your device.

  • FAMILIES: How do I file a K-12 device claim?
    • Parents and families should contact their child's school to submit claims on their behalf, as this is a group, school-owned policy.
  • SCHOOLS: How to file claims for multiple devices?
    • School administrators can go to the Parent Portal and select the device that needs serviced from a list of serial numbers. Administrators will need to provide details about the device and upload pictures/details about the repair needed.

We provide a wide range of term lengths for our K-12 plans, including options for just a few months, as well as 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, and 4-year terms.

Safeware K-12 Protection Plans are designed specifically for K-12 schools and can protect their technology investments from accidental damage, theft, and other unforeseen events.

  • Here are a few events that Safeware covers:
    • Accidental damage: This optional coverage protects against physical damage to covered devices that is the result of accidental drops, spills, or other mishaps.
    • Power surge
    • Transferable coverage: This coverage means that if a device needs to be replaced and cannot be repaired, the remaining value of the contract is transferred to the new device. This ensures continuous protection and peace of mind for the user.
    • Mechanical breakdown: This coverage is an extension of the manufacturer's warranty and covers issues such as blue screens, hard drive problems, and port or power issues.
    • Pet Damage: This covers accidental damage caused by pets, including damage from chewing or scratching. 
  • Additional coverages included only in Safeware’s insurance plans:
    • Vandalism, fire, flood, and natural disasters
    • Theft: To submit a claim for theft, you must file a police report within five days of the device going missing. You have 30 days to provide a copy of the police report to Safeware.

We offer multi-device policies that allow you to cover all your K-12 devices under one plan. This can be a cost-effective way to protect all your K-12 devices and ensure they are covered in case of an unexpected event. The cost of the policy will depend on the number of devices you are covering and the level of coverage you choose.

  • When purchasing a multi-device policy, you will be required to provide information about each device you want to cover such as the:
    • Make
    • Model
    • Serial number
    • Purchase price
  • You can add devices onto your K-12 plan throughout the year, if needed, through an "endorsement". An endorsement is when a student comes/leaves and the device is transferred to a different student. We can alter the policy by adding in/subtracting devices using the devices’ serial numbers.

The devices on a K-12 plan cannot be transferred from school to school with the student, the school has control over the devices on their plan. 

Safeware K-12 plans have many features that stand out. We have a reobust service network which allows us to quickly source parts and process repairs (and can support self-servicing schools), a website portal dedicated to your school district, and much more.

  • Safeware's depot partners can quickly source replacement parts, effectively minimizing device downtime.
  • Safeware provides a diverse range of plans and options that cater to diverse needs, including coverage for accidental damage, coverage for new or used devices, or a combination of devices in a fleet.
  • Our Parent Portal is excellent choice for districts with limited budget as it comes at no additional cost and gives families the option to purchase device coverage if desired. We preload a comprehensive list of makes, models, serial numbers, and asset tags, the portal effectively streamlines the process for parents. With a few simple steps, families can access the landing page, enter the district ID and asset tag, input their child's information, provide payment details, and then the process is completed.
  • Chargers are covered as a part of the K-12 protection plans. Anything that comes in the box with the device when it was purchased will be covered under the protection plan.
  • With a Safeware K-12 protection plan you are assigned a dedicated Safeware Client Services Manager and Claims Adjuster. They will help to answer any questions you may have and help with the claims process if a device is damaged or needs repaired/replaced.

Once you reach out to Safeware and provide a list of the devices you want covered, our team will provide you with a list of coverage options/cost.

  • Contact Safeware: please click "Get a Quote" above to express your interest in either our family-funded or school-funded program options.
  • Complete the application: We will provide you with an application form that you will need to complete and submit. This form will include information about your school, such as the number of devices you have, the types of devices, and any existing protection plans.
  • Review the partnership agreement: Once our team has received your application, they will provide you with a partnership agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership. This agreement will include information about the coverage options available, pricing, and other key details.
  • Sign the agreement: After reviewing the partnership agreement, you will need to sign it to finalize the partnership. It is important to note that the activation of a K-12 protection plan is subject to the receipt of the first payment.
  • Receive training and support: Safeware will provide you with training and support to help you get started with the partnership, including training on how to submit claims and manage your coverage.
    • By becoming a partner school with Safeware, you can provide your students and faculty with comprehensive device protection that can help them stay connected and productive.

We are not currently offering individual coverage for parents, only through their child’s schools.

We do not currently offer individual policies for our K-12 protection plans. Although, if you are purchasing an individual device through one of Safeware’s technology partners, you can add a protection plan to that device. 

Safeware plans are attached to the serial number of the device they were originally purchased for and are not transferable to another device. Unless the device is replaced under the plan due to the original device being unrepairable.

It is important to note that if you do transfer the plan to a new device due to damage, the remaining coverage on the original device will be transferred to the replacement device.

If a student changes schools or graduates and the device is transferred to another student within the same school, the coverage still applies if the device remains in the possession of the school or educational institution that purchased the Safeware plan. .

If you purchased Safeware coverage at the same time as your K-12 device, your coverage would begin on the date of purchase or the date you received the device, depending on the policy terms. 

It depends on the availability of the machine and the parts needed for the repair. Typical turnaround times are around 5-7 business days. The process of filing a K-12 warranty claim is:

Provide information about the device and the issue:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Date of Incident
  • Photos and/or evidence of the damage

Follow any instructions provided by Safeware: Depending on the repair and the issue at hand, we may provide instructions for shipping the device to a repair center or for arranging an on-site repair.

Our plans do not have deductibles; however, deductibles are an optional feature that schools can choose to add in to reduce their premium. We typically do not recommend the use of deductibles.